Get over himOk, I know this is something you would want to know, you see most people when they search for information on the internet, they just go to their favorite search engine and type for something like this… how to get over an ex who is a jerk… Now this is typical search phrase written by novice who is not web savvy.

The problem with this phrase is that it is too targeted that means it will give you results that are very focus and in most cases they are not what you want. You will find that you get pdf results and such.

You have to know how to use the search engine to get the results you want. Search engine is like the ocean of information without a particular direction. If you query some info it gives you some if you want some more it will give you more without knowing whether you are satisfied with the results or not.

The other thing you have to understand is the use of quotes like when you type… “get over your ex”… you will get different results than when you type a plain phrase like … get over your ex…

Putting quotes between a phrase means your results MUST include get over your ex in that order. So your results will include …how to get over your ex…. get over your ex in 24hrs…. etc.

On the other hand if you don’t put the quotes between phrases you will get a broad results. Something that include pages about…. get a pay raise… get someone fired…happy over seventy… ruin my ex girlfriend.

There is another time of forget that you can use to search for information on the net. This type is use to get a very targeted results, it involved using squared brackets. so when you search for….[get over your ex] you will only get results that get over your ex. this command basically trinket all other results with phrases like …forget your ex in 24hrs… or how to get over your ex. mean it trinket all those pages that have longer phrases before and after the word get over ex. Search on Google to see what I mean.

Now here are few phrase you can use to get some information about getting over ex.

Get over ex
Been dumped
After break up
Forget your ex
Get over love
Get over girlfriend (for men)
Get over a boyfriend  (for women)

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