cant get over ex girlfriendSome guys find it difficult to handle this problem “how to get over your ex-girlfriend”. Break-ups have always been difficult to deal with and guys often, at first, do not want to deal with it at all. They have the urge to fix and continue with the relationship, rather than trying to move on. They’d even constantly contact the girl and send her gifts. Don’t attempt to do this. Rather than getting her back, it would be wiser to move on. Here are some things to consider in doing just that.

Remember that trying anything to get her back will just make you regret those actions later. Your ex-girlfriend will probably remember how you act after your relationship and be wary of building another one with you in the future. If you do things to the extremes, it would even be too awkward to be friends with her afterwards.

Be friends with her only after you’ve gotten over her. There will be too much negativity around you to be able to handle being friends. Being friends with her while figuring out how to get over your ex-girlfriend is not advisable. You might even be using this as pretext to get back together with your ex-girlfriend. This situation will just churn out an unhealthy relationship that will just torture you. The only way to know for sure if you’re already ready to be friends is being able to picture her with another guy without wigging out.

Don’t rack your head trying to figure out why your relationship ended. If you do this, you’ll just be spending more time regretting that your relationship has ended. Clearly, this is not how to get over your ex-girlfriend. You shouldn’t even expect that an explanation from her on why she broke up with you will relieve you. Accept that lack of closure might be something you will have to live with in order for you to move on.

You should also understand that if she was the one who broke up with you, she probably needs less time to get over you. In a way, before she talked to you, she probably broke up with you already in her mind. If you realize that she’s probably less hurt, then you’ll know how to gauge your interaction with her.

You should also accept that getting over your ex-girlfriend may not be a smooth ride. You probably have a different way on how to get over your ex-girlfriend but it’s important to know that you might miss her more on the fifth day after you broke up than the second day. It would even be more painful on days you traditionally spend time with her. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll find that you’ll get over her faster.


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