Get over herTo list the important things in your life is crucial in your recovery period. There is a saying that, “if it’s not written, you don’t own it”. The reason for this is because it is easier to remember things when you jot them down on the list.

Let say you go to a grocery store to buy few things and you don’t have a list. When you get there, you will find the things that you never even thought of buying and you will be tempted to buy. The reason for this is… your thoughts…  will be moving around in all direction trying to get attention to anything which comes along.

When you have the list of things to do you give your mind a specific direction to do what you want.  Your mind is like a ship sailing on a deep sea, if there is compass to direct it, it will wonder around and it might hit the big rock along the way.

That’s what happen when you don’t give your mind a specific direction.

In order to get over her you have to become aware of things that are good about yourself, the things that you normally not aware of. Let us look at our example of, going to the grocery store, if you don’t have a specific  purpose in what you want to buy you will become aware of… other…  things that were not in your mind in the first place. All those merchandise you see there will trigger you to become aware of the things that you were not conscious of before and your mind wonders and wonders, wasting you more time.

When you make a list of your good qualities you trigger your mind to become aware of those things that are important  to you but you are not aware of. You basically force your mind to go deep to create the feelings you want.  This will help you to get over her because you will start to see how important you are.

Let say you want to feel good about yourself, you have to think of things that really make you feel good and when I say… feelings…  I mean what really makes you feel worthy. Now to feel worthy you have to do things that make you feel special.

Now, if you like to run then what feelings do you get while running, is it the speed, is it to build your muscles. Once you have defined the feeling of the things you want to create you take a piece of paper and you start to write about how you are going to do that, how you will feel about doing that process.

This is were the magic happens, you will feel powerful and energetic…  because you have defined your true feelings… you will start to change your focus from her to you and in the process you will get over her.

Just by writing you will force you mind to go deep down to get more feelings and you will start to feel happier because… some how… you have listened to yourself…some how…you have given yourself something worthy that only… you… know it’s worthy.

During break up most men forget to recognize their true worthiness, they tend to focus on the woman who does not even love them any more and… that’s…what brings more sorrow. You give your time…by thinking about her… but in return you feel worse because you spend your time to remember the worse things.

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