Recover from breakupWhen I ask people why they like to take photos in a particular occasion, they usually tell me, “we want to keep this memory in future”. These people are telling the truth because when they look at those photos ten years later, they tend to go back…in their mind… to the time when that happened. It’s like they pose… for whatever is happening in their life… and relive that past experience.

Everything happen in your life gets recorded in your mind for future reference. It doesn’t matter whether that information is just a movie, an imagined or a real life experience, it get recorded.

The reason why you are not feeling happy is because you have a lot of …bad pictures… in your mind, which creates bad feelings. In order to recover from break up you need to create new pictures, which… will… replace those bad memories (pictures).

The thing is, when that information is in the mind, it produce a…  thought process, which produce feelings. Have you ever wondered why when you watch a horror movie you end up feeling scared or your heart beat up? That image (movie) after been captured in your mind it create a horror feeling.

You see, in our every day life we think in pictures, for example when I asked you what did you wear yesterday, you will have to remember the image or picture of the clothes you wore before you give me the answer.

On the other hand when you want to create certain feelings you can create imagined pictures of the feeling you want to create. Let say you want to recover after a bad break up…the one that makes you feel horrible… you can create an imagine picture of your Ex disappearing from your life…or… you can create an imagined picture of you feeling happy.

Once you have those pictures in your mind you will start to process those feelings. The more you create these pictures of the desired feelings you want the faster you will replace bad feelings, just like magic.

Forget your ex course will shows you how to create these images in your mind to recover from break up. This technology will change your life immediately by changing your thought process..

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