You see, when I broke up with my ex I was very unhappy, angry and I lost my appetite. There was a time I stayed for two days without eating any food, (that was very stupid). Just think about it my ex was in another relationship and there I was starving to death just because I was hurt. If you are in the same situation keep reading.

During break up your mind if filled with a lot of bad thoughts (very damaging one) these thoughts produce bad emotions that affect they way your body normally function.

No matter how well you were before break up, your body changes dramatically during this time. Some people over eat during this time, they get so overweight that they start to feel bad about themselves.

Get over my exI have seen some people who used to be normal but right after break up they start to explode. The side effect of this is that they become unhealthy and they start to build the belief that they can’t attract anyone.

Instead of focusing on how bad you feel which results to poor health, focus on things that make you feel well and important.  Learn something that will help you in your future life.

You may be tempted to start a new relationship quickly…(just)…  to show your ex that he/she can be replaced. This is not a good thing because you will be trying to feel the void, which CAN NOT be fulfilled. There isn’t any other person on this planet that behave, looks, walks, talks like your ex. As the results you will end up feeling unhappy and think that you are a failure in relationship, which is NOT true.

The best way is to do the opposite, since you are more fragile; you have to do things that will make you strong. You need to take it easy and recognize your pain, you can cry if you want but that will not help. The best way is to keep yourself busy so that your mind will process things that have nothing to do with your ex or break up

There are few things that you can do to make it easy for you

Get rid of everything that belong to your ex, I don’t care if you send it to Salvation Army or throw them to a dumpster. Make the effort to get rid of anything that will remind you of the pain.

Don’t panic! I see a lot of people do this; they hit the walls, drink a lot (until they get DUI), engage in unprotected sexual activities (they get STD or HIV) etc. They do all these things, thinking that it will help them to easy the pain but unfortunately it is wont.

Don’t be afraid to change and admit your mistake. This will help you to recover quicker. If there is anything you can learn from your past relationship this will be it, to use this time to avoid those mistakes.

No matter how bad your situation is, you can’t stay in that pain forever so you need to find a way to get over it. And there is nothing better than doing it quickly.

Forget Your Ex Course is the best technology to help you recover fast..

You learn how to heal as quickly as possible…I mean in a short time… and you will be able to move on in your life. Do the things you like to do…feeling more powerful and loved. That is the only way to survive a break up, otherwise you will just be mourning all day long with your ex pain..

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