Get over himYesterday I talked to Anita who got dumped by her ex boyfriend few days ago. she could not stand being lonely. It wasn’t easy for her. That was her first love everyone knows that first love is hard to forget.

You just can’t let go because you have this belief that it going to last forever. So if you’ve ever face this situation then you’ll understand how Anita’s feelings.

Contrary to populous belief everyone after break up (girlfriend and boyfriend) faces some difficulty time. They both have pain. You might think that your ex boyfriend doesn’t feel pain after break up with you… that’s wrong. He is in pain too.

You know why? Because he has shared some part of his life with you, he has spent some precious moment with you and that’s priceless. So do you want to get back to him but don’t know how? Here is what you do. You use pain to remember you.

Now here you are going to do something that is very unusual, something your guts might not let you do it but it is worthy the effort. I know a bunch of people who have done this with great results.

First find something your ex boyfriend like about you. Something about you that makes him feels like the real man. Let say he feels very strong when you smile at him.

Ok, go ahead and get a good photo of you smiling, then write a killer letter that telling home how he miss your smile. In your letter mention the time he felt proud about you smiling and tell him unfortunately he can’t get it any more.

Change his emotion by telling him about something he knows is true but won’t admit to anyone (cause the truth hurts). Tell him that he likes you but he just trying to be hard.

On your letter tell him that I can feel your heart beating fast as you read this letter. Tell your boyfriend that deep down he still wants you but just trying to look strong. Mention that the true strength is to admit your weakness.

Now this may seem harsh but I’ll tell you why it’s going to work.

First.  You use pain to change his emotion to let him know that there is something that he misses.

Second. You will look more confident by telling him the truth and for the fact that you are not afraid to say it you basically reverse psychology his thought pattern.

Third. You will put the odds on your side by setting yourself as a prize and I’ll tell you this FACT about our human race, we like to associate with people who have more social value (PRIZE).

Now you can do any variation of that but when you send that letter attach your photo (of something he likes about you). Oh before I forget… at the beginning of that letter say something like this…

“Do you remember this…(replace that with whatever he likes about you). Hold the photo for a minute while remembering the day we…(replace with whatever you did).

You also need to use express mail to mail it so that he will take it serious. Also don’t use your real return address (surprise him) you don’t want him to tear the whole package without reading the whole material.

On the other hand if this don’t work or if you just want to get over your ex boyfriend for good then Forget Your Ex Course is the only technology to help you get over bad memories..

You learn how to heal as quickly as possible…I mean in a short time… and you will be able to move on in your life. Do the things you like to do…feeling more powerful and loved. That is the only way to survive a break up, otherwise you will just be mourning all day long with your ex pain..

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