how to mend your broken heartIt is easy to blame somebody else when things don’t work out. I know for sure when things go wrong both parties will have a degree of blame at least to… some… extent but that is not an important think to spend your time with.

In order to mend your broken heart it is important to take a full responsibility of yourself. This is your life… your future…. and your every thing. You must take it seriously as if it is the last drop of your blood, giving it way is death(emotionally).  You have to  understand that when you spend your time to blame someone…

You give your power away.

Remember that when you focus on something, the thing you focus… expand…in such a way that it become the dominant thought of your mind. When you blame your ex you let him/her dominate your thought process. You admit that your life is controlled by your ex. No matter how hard to believe is …

You are what you think

If you spend all your time thinking about bad things…as in blaming your ex…. you become weaker because your thoughts get dominated by someone else.

Instead stop blaming and start focusing on things that are productive, use your time to do things you love to do. Treat yourself as a King or Queen. Buy yourself something valuable that will make you feel important.

The suggestion I explained above will trigger some highly emotional response in your mind that will over shadow the dominant thought…in your mind…that say

“I’m not worthy”.

You see, when you break up…the dominant thought in your mind focus on your bad side. It is not true that all of the sudden you have become unattractive, ugly or incompetent … No No…. you just put more effort to believe that something is wrong with you.

In order to mend a broken heart

You have to focus on things that make you feel important and the first thing is to build a pattern in your mind to lighten the good side of you,  that which is darkened by your wrong thinking.

To lay a new pattern can be to alien your thoughts to focus things that make you feel good  about yourself. It could be to remember the time when you were happy as a child, how happy you were when you first learned how to drive etc. All these memories are deep in your mind and you are not always aware of them.

When you remember these events you relieve those moments …and by reliving them you tend to create happy feelings in your mind.
One exercise you can do to mend your broken heart is to think of the recent time when you were so happy, take your time to relive that experience. Then think of another time,  a year ago when you were so happy, then another time,  five years ago,… then another time ten years ago. Do so for consecutive five times and you will change your state from being unhappy to become happy person almost immediately. This is one of the best ways to mend a broken heart.

The more happy feelings you produce the more you build happy state of mind. These happy states will dominate your thought process in your mind and you will feel happy. You will feel in control of your life, you will build your self-esteem and everything else will become history.

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