Get over exOur body is a very complicated machine it function by interacting with each other components in such an amazing way, we are very sophisticated in nature. Everything you do affect every other thing in your body.

Things like words you hear or read are so powerful that they affect everything in your life. Did you know that a recommendation from a trusted firm can always guarantee response than if it were recommended from a homeless guy on a street.

You have to understand that your thoughts affect almost 97% of who you are, now you might say, I’m not always thinking… yes that could be partially correct but when I say thinking I don’t mean only when you are aware of the act. Most of our thinking is unconscious and that is when the dangerous arise because we don’t know the danger we are facing.

Now you might be in a difficult situation right now, or you might be thinking a lot about how this has happened and why it has happen to you when you are in that situation, Of asking why me… your mind start to process your thoughts (give you the answers) and usually it will give you the answer that puts you down.

So you will get answers like… because you are stupid or because you are not perfect.. Now do you see where you are going, that is when you focus on only bad side of you, the side that is weak. You know everybody has the good and the bad side but how you focus is what matters.

So, when you focus on the bad side, you build tension in your body, which results in tensing up your muscles. The more you think about your bad feelings, the more tension you build in your muscles.

When this process continues for days or weeks, you become nervous. Now let me tell you what happens when your body becomes nervous, your body cannot coordinate properly. Haven’t you seen someone nervous walk on the streets or haven’t you seen a movie where a person becomes nervous and all the sudden drop things he/she holds on his hands.

That’s because the body can’t coordinate properly when a person is nervous. Now, when your muscle tenses up they tend to constrict your blood vessels, these vessels are the one that carries blood to your entire body, it is the one that carries oxygen and nutrients to your body to feed your cells.

To make it clear to what I’m saying here is the series of what happens, your ex memories causes you to process bad thoughts which tense your muscles, these muscles constrict your blood vessels that supply blood to your body.

As you already know that blood flow is crucial in your body and if you don’t have enough blood your body gets weak. Now back to the reason why ex memories can cause you to die sooner.

Your constricted blood vessel will have smaller diameter just like those with cholesterol. That means your body cells will not get enough oxygen and nutrients to survive due to insufficient blood supply.

The more you keep bad ex memories the more you risk your body from getting enough oxygen and blood, and I don’t have to tell you what will happen when you don’t get enough oxygen but just in case, if you don’t know you are going to die before your time.

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