Get over herIf you are depressed, tired of this life and going nowhere, you think that all men are bad and they always  hurting women. That’s a very bad state to be and I understand exactly how you feel but if I were to suggest something  that will literary change your life will you choose to follow my advice?

What if there was a way to change how you feel and be able to get over your ex in just 2 weeks, will you just love that, imagine yourself a week from now feeling happy, satisfied with your life and ready to meet someone special or having fun with your friends and family, laughing and having great time, how wonderful that will be?

Was there a time in your life that you felt well understood may be you needed something and somebody was there to provide just right… may you pause for a minute and think about it, think about how important it was for you to have someone who understood what you wanted.

Were you felt connected with that person, was it strong or tight? I want you to remember another experience that you really felt connected when you were in need, a need for anything.

Okay, if you really felt that connection then you understand that it is very important for you to be connected with someone when you are in need. When you get connected you tend to release chemicals in your brain that produce a well being feeling. Something that makes you feel the state of being okay.

Well, that connection you felt was with somebody else, another human being whether it was a friend or parent you connected with. How powerful will it be if you were to get connected with a person who is far more important that any other person on this planet. That person is YOU.

At the time of break up the person you really broke up with was the person inside you. That little girl, the one who used to be excited when she was little. The one that used to say, “when I grow up I’ll be…” Please… please… never lose that connection with that little girl because every one will go but that little girl will always…always be with you no matter what.

I want you to imagine this little girl talking to you, begging you to listen to what she says, can you hear her …can you give her a hug? Can you really appreciate her? Remember the time when you felt happy as a child maybe the time you first did well in school activities, can you remember that.

This little girl is trying to communicate to you, that’s why you feel unhappy, may be you cry, or tense up. It is not you it is that little girl, that little cutie who has been hurt, it is that little girl who need a hug, love and assurance. Your job is to connect to her so that she will fell secured
When your ex man broke your heart, he really broke that little girls heart, it is your job to hug that little girl and tell her, “its okay baby, your fine”. Make that little girl smile a little bit.

Now here I want you to do this exercise that you imagine the little girl is treated badly by your ex may be he curses her out and you show up and stand up for her firmly and tell that man. No it is not right “this girl is very special, intelligent and powerful”. Imagine that girl smiling with confidence as you stand up for her, walking away from your ex while he disappear getting smaller and smaller from your eyes. Do this exercise as many times as you can because it is very powerful.

Since we cannot cover all-powerful techniques on this article we have put together the yet ultra powerful techniques at Forget Your Ex Course to help you change your life for the better. Imagine feeling great and relaxed, as you want. We explain all that in this technology..

You learn how to heal as quickly as possible…I mean in a short time… and you will be able to move on in your life. Do the things you like to do…feeling more powerful and loved. That is the only way to survive a break up, otherwise you will just be mourning all day long with your ex pain..

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