I miss youOkay here we go again in this never-ending story of break up. Every hour, every minute, every second someone is getting heart broken. Most of these people stay in their houses locking themselves up, crying thinking life is nothing but a cruel people who use them and say bye bye.

Well if that’s what you are feeling then you are suffering from loneliness syndrome. You have to understand here that the two terms (lonely and alone) are totally different.

A person can be alone but never become lonely and on the other you can have a lot of people around you but feel lonely. Why is that? Loneliness is a state of mind, it is how you feel about yourself, how you connect with yourself.

During break up you might feel lonely once in a while but that’s normal but the problem comes when this behavior continues for weeks.

When this happens you need to find a way to get out of that loop.

Here is what you need to do…

Do things that make you feel important, things like doing a volunteering work to your church, neighborhood etc. When you do that you get a feeling of being important by contributing your values to the needs of others. When you spend you time, money and energy to those who are in need you get a good feeling that you’ve help to change someone’s else life and that’s fulfillment.

You won’t feel lonely because you will be connected with yourself at deeper lever by tapping your resources to help those who are in need. Hasn’t it happen in your life that you help someone and you end up feel better just because you’ve made the other person feel better. There is scientific explanation for that about things like serotonin but we are not going to address that here. When you do that you won’t feel lonely.

Do things that you will remember 10 years from now. You see many people stay at home watch TV or rent a movie when they feel lonely. That’s a surefire way of getting lonely even more, do you know why? Because they become dependent to that little box called screen to occupy the void they have inside.

Instead do things that will make you gain something…. go a head a write a poem about things that are important to you? You can take photos; record yourself singing your favorite song.

Now here is an important thing you need to embed in your brain, this is the important different between watching TV and what I’ve explain above. The difference is the participation of doing the act.

When you watch a movie you don’t participate in doing the act, you can go to sleep and the TV can still be on. You just sit there and let others entertain you. But when you take pictures for example you participate fully and that will occupy your time and space.

It is important to not that all your five senses will participate in doing the act because you will see what you do, you will touch you will smell, you will hear that is neurologically important when you do something. You will never feel lonely.

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