get over ex husbandIt surprises me when a person (who you used to believe to be the one) turns out to be the most hated one in your life.

This is what happens to June who used to love her husband Jim. They have two children and Jim was all mushy-mushy type of a guy. They loved each other and they took care of their children well.

One day Marry (June’s co-worker) informed her about Jim’s behavior, that he has a habit of flirting with other ladies at work. June looked at her and just rolled her eyes, to see that, Mary decided to leave her and stop talking about that issue fearing that June would think that she is just nosy.

Two weeks later Jim told his wife that, “I’ll be late tonight, we have a conference meeting” while smiling as he always do. He left the house to go to work.

That was Friday, the time, which all beautiful women go shopping at the big mall ready for Friday night out here in LA.
June on the other hand was curious, so she decided to go to her husband’s working place at about 5:00pm to figure out if they have any kind of meeting.

When she arrived there she find everything quiet. There was no car or anything. She wonders her eyes around to see if she could find any white Ford explore (her husband’s SUV)

She approached the security booth and asked the security guard if her husband is in the office. “No one is here today “said the security guard,  he continued to say that none came to work today because the production has reached the maximum number for this months so everyone stayed at home. Today.

June was shocked and very angry, she moved fast towards her car. She went straight to Pochillo bar, which is closest to the office building. She just wanted to drink until she past out but to her surprise she found her husband with one of her secretary kissing each other passionately.

It seems they had a lot of fun until June stepped in. You can’t imagine what she did. What would you do if it were you?

First she stopped (cause she was walking really fast), she took her right high heal shoe off and She went right in front of that woman and hit her hard on her face. Ouch!! That lady started to bleed; the bartender stopped the fight immediately.

Jim on the other hand was trying to run away because he knew how aggressive his wife can get when she gets angry.
Dear reader, what would you do if you find your husbands is a cheater on you? Would you act crazy or you would just divorce him?

If you’ve ever been cheated then you know how it feels to be in that situation. Just pose for a minute and remember the time you found your husband is cheating on you. As you take your time back, when you felt stupid to find that the one you thought loved you, wasn’t really. Just think about it. Does that act still in your mind? Did it bother you then and does it bother you now? Of course it does, you probably don’t want to remember that time, do you?

Don’t you think that will make you unhappy all your life when someone or something triggers these memories of a cheating husband?
Well to tell you the truth it is not easy to forget those bad memories of a cheating husband. For many years a lot of women like you have been suffering from this. They become angry all the time, they cry all day…. all night without any relief. Some have very low self-esteem to even address the issue to their husband and on and on.

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You learn how to heal as quickly as possible…I mean in a short time… and you will be able to move on in your life. Do the things you like to do…feeling more powerful and loved. That is the only way to survive a break up, otherwise you will just be mourning all day long with your ex pain..

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