letting her goIs the pain of the break up still affecting your view about life and love? Are you still holding on to the pain that he has left in your heart? Do you want to make all the pain and hatred go away? Do you want to forget someone you love who is no longer there with you and finally start moving on with life?

Breaking up with someone with whom you have shared your heart and life with is such a difficult decision to make. It can have debilitating effect on your whole being and the way you perceive relationship. However you should know when to accept the reality that it is already over for both of you. When you know that being together will only keep causing each other pain then you have to forget someone you love and set yourself free. The following are the things that would strongly indicate that it is time for you to forget someone you love and start moving on.

1. He Has Not Made Any Step to Get in Touch with You: You know it is over and you now have to forget that someone you love if he has not done anything to reach out to you. If a guy wants to get back to you then he will try to talk to you and ask you for another chance but if it has been ages already since he left and yet there is no word from him, then it is now time to stop waiting and hoping. You should try to focus on how you can rebuild your life and be happy again.

2. He Has Found A New Love: A good reason for you to forget someone you love and start focusing on how you can let your heart heal is when he is already having a relationship with someone else. There is no use in clinging onto your sentiments and feelings when the other person has already managed to move on and has found a new love in his life. If you keep on hoping that he will come back then you are just fooling yourself and wasting your time.

3. He Does Not Recognize His Mistakes: There is no reason for you to keep on holding on to the thought that he will come back and you can start over again if he does not even admit his mistakes. Being with someone you love who is too proud to accept his shortcomings will only lead your relationship to a disaster. Therefore it is better to forget him and find someone else who is humble enough to admit his faults and willing to find ways to mend things for you.

4. He Only Brings Pain to your Heart: When the person you are fighting for does not even care about you then there is no reason for you to want him back again in your life. Even if you have a strong affection for someone, the relationship is still empty if the affection is not reciprocated. If you know deep in your heart that he will keep giving you pain then just let him go and erase him from your mind and heart.

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