Forget Your Ex Girlfriend Just got into trouble and decided you can’t handle it anymore. Ok here are some suggestion you have to understand when breaking up with your ex girlfriend.

Never call (or text) her,

That’s a surefire way of getting yourself in trouble. Do you know why? Because she might say some bad words that might lower your self esteem for a long time.

Never have sex with her for any reason.

I know a guy who broke up with his ex about three years ago. One day that chick called him and wanted to see him at his apartment. She end up spend the whole night there, (I don’t have they had sex too, do I).

The next day the chick called the “popo” saying she had been raped. Guess what the corps went to where that dude works and took him to jail. Fortunately they found that the girl was lying so never ever have sex with your ex because you never know what she is up to.

The other thing you don’t want to have sex with your ex in that you might want her back which is surefire way of getting in a lot of mess. You’ve already got yourself in that mess before and now you want to go back because you can’t have another woman? That’s a ticket to hurt your emotions ten times more.

Avoid staying alone in the house.

There is this tendency that many guys beat themselves up thinking they are failure just because the relationship didn’t work. You will find a lot of guys hitting the walls, pulling their hair, drink a lot and some go over board and start to smoke dope.

All these are very destructive to their health (both physical and mental). You need to stop that kind of thinking instead get together with your buddies and gave some guys time. You know, when you have good time with your friends you preoccupied your mind with activities that will take you away from thinking some stupid activities.

Stay away from your computer

The Internet is very addictive, you will find yourself spend the whole day chatting or visiting some forum. You won’t get anything there; you will just waste your precious time.

Never watch porn (you think I didn’t know this?)

You see, when you break up with your ex girlfriend you will want to replace her with someone and there is nothing easier than miss porn (who is probably more sexy that your ex) who is there for you 24-7. Better yet any time you want her to do it she is there for you at a click of the button. I just got one word for you.


Now you need to change the way you precede your thoughts. When you learn these techniques you will be surprised why you don’t miss your ex girlfriend. The techniques will clear your ex bad memories and make you more powerful and energetic to start a new relationship.

Forget Your Ex Course, will teach you to get over your ex girlfriend even if you think you can’t do it now..

You learn how to heal as quickly as possible…I mean in a short time… and you will be able to move on in your life. Do the things you like to do…feeling more powerful and loved. That is the only way to survive a break up, otherwise you will just be mourning all day long with your ex pain..

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