Breaking upDoes she still love me? This is a question that often appears after a really bad breakup. In most cases you do not even get a chance to see that problems appear and if you are reading this article there is a huge chance that you have regrets and are desperate at the moment. In order to answer the questioned mentioned before, you will need to take a look at some signs that are always going to appear if the woman still cares and if she might want to get back together with you.

First off, you have to offer her space when a breakup happens. Just do not say anything until she had enough space and time to contemplate what happened and to eventually start missing your touch. It is quite common that this happens but only if you break all contact for around 3 weeks. After the time passes, you need to take a look at a few clues to see what needs to be done next and to see if you can get back with her.

Is the ex still contacting you? If this happens, you need to know that it is a sign that she might still care for you. It is quite important to see who is putting the most effort in keeping contact. If you end up calling the most and she never calls you, maybe she is just friendly. If she puts in a lot of effort to find you and wants to chit chat, there is a huge chance that there are still feelings involved and she misses you.

Does the ex girlfriend send invitations or tries to come by and see you. It is quite common to hear the expressions “just as friends” in this case. Women usually do this because it offers them an alternative if something bad happens and an excuse to just keep going. As an example, if you see a woman that says “just as friends”, she most likely leaves herself one out and justifies the fact that it is OK to get in touch with you as you are just friends.

What you can understand from what happens is that she most likely still loves you and has many feelings trapped but cannot say or do anything as she is not confident that it is the right time to express them. A woman will not try to meet you in the event that she does not care anymore. If you see that you do all the asking out and she agrees, this is usually an indicator of the fact that the woman actually wants to be just friends. In this case, she might not want to hurt you by simply saying no. It is hard to get back with her if this is the case.

The last thing that needs to be analyzed is if the girl asks around your personal life and is interested to see if you date anyone. In most situations she will ask this because she does not like the idea that you might be with someone, not because she is bothered by you dating. It is actually a clear sign that she still has feelings but never try to use that against her.

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